8 June 09:30 Legacy Award R85

The Award is presented each year to an artist in h... more

8 June 11:00 Art R85

Between 1989 and 2011, William Kentridge made ten ... more

8 June 11:00,14:00 and 15:30 Art R200

Between 1989 and 2011, William Kentridge made ten ... more

8 June 14:00 Art R85

Between 1989 and 2011, William Kentridge made ten ... more

8 June 15:30 Art R85

Between 1989 and 2011, William Kentridge made ten ... more

9 June 11:00 Art R85

Vanessa will reflect on the highlights of Decorati... more

9 June 14:00 Art R85

The focus of this conversation will be Marilyn’s... more

9 June 16:00 Other R85

Due to popular demand this date is SOLD OUT. CLICK... more

9 June 9:30 Other R85

Samantha Davis talks to Christelle Webb-Joubert Si... more

10 June 09:30 Other R85

There has been a growing recognition of the import... more

10 June 09:30 Other R85

David is the first person to have run the entire l... more

10 June 11:00 Other R85

Bina will discuss the origin and history of auctio... more

10 June 15:00 Legacy Award R200

Sindiwe, is recognised for her work on women’s i... more

10 June 17:00 Books R85

A presentation by Southern Writers, a Hermanus gro... more

11 June 09:30 Other R85

In this illustrated talk John will briefly tell th... more

11 June 11:00 Photography R85

The stories of the indigenous and exotic historic ... more

11 June 14:00 Conversation R85

In this, her second book, Judy shares conversation... more

11 June 15:30 Conversation R85

We should not overlook, we should not mitigate any... more

11 June 17:00 Books R85

Join photographer Leanne Dryburgh and writer Trace... more

12 June 09:30 Design R85

Harry, owner/partner of an international architect... more

12 June 11:00 History R85

The Honorable Pamela Churchill was Winston Churchi... more

12 June 17:00 Books R85

Finuala, an award-winning poet and novelist, reads... more

13 - 13 June 11:00 History R85

Having survived a British Concentration Camp as a ... more

13 June 14:00 Conversation R85

Zola Nene talks to Shado Twala Zola is a two-time ... more

13 June 16:30 Books R85

Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer played an essential rol... more

14 June 11:00 Conversation R85

Evita Bezuidenhout is still the most famous white ... more

14 June 16:30 Books R85

The Cafe de Move-On Blues is a powerful and moving... more

14 June 9:30 Other R85

My life with Prima Ballerina Assoluta Phyllis Spir... more

15 June 11:00 Other R85

Setting off with a Michelin road map down the Rive... more

15 June 14:00 Other R85

Ecologically the horses have adapted themselves re... more

15 June 9:30 Conversation R85

David Higgs talks to Garth Stroebel David is one o... more

16 June 11:00 Art R85

Drawing on her experiences from around the world, ... more

16 June 15:00 Art R120

Poetry, Performance, Pilgrimage A homage by Lesley... more

16 June 9:30 Politics R85

As the cliché goes, this year’s national electi... more

17 June 10:00 Feature R85

Krotoa, a bright and feisty 11-year old girl is re... more