8 - 10 June 10:00 Art R1600

There is no single right way to approach compositi... more

8 June 10:00 Photography R300

Once again Leanne and Peter of Photowalkers offer ... more

8 June 10:00 Ceramics R560

Due to popular demand this date is SOLD OUT. CLICK... more

9 June 10:00 Photography R300

By popular request, Leanne and Peter are back with... more

9 June 10:00 Ceramics R560

Working in clay, artists will resolve myths and pe... more

9 June 10:00 Perfume R775

Blend your own unique fragrance in a fun, empoweri... more

10 June 10:00 Jewellery R400

Design and craft your own simple ring during this ... more

10 June 10:00 Origami R575

A lesson in paper Origami is a Japanese traditiona... more

11 - 12 June 10:00 Writing R1000

What makes A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush (Eric Ne... more

11 June 10:00 Baking R275

Learn to make a basic cake and adapt it for variou... more

11 June 10:00 - 12:00 Photography R300

This workshop is a repeat of this popular and awar... more

11 June 14:00 Baking R275

Learn to make a basic cake and adapt it for variou... more

11 June 9:00 - 11:00 Sushi R300

Learn the secrets of making authentic Japanese sus... more

12 June 10:00 Photography R300

This is a repeat editing and image management work... more

12 June 10:00 Painting R550

In this workshop participants will learn the basic... more

12 - 13 June 10:00 Calligraphy R1200

Take a fresh approach to the ancient art of callig... more

13 June 10:00 Poetry R550

This workshop offers an easy introduction to poetr... more

13 June 10:00 Baking R275

Two half-day workshops: morning and afternoon. The... more

13 June 14:00 - 16:00 Cake decorating R275

Two half-day workshops: morning and afternoon. The... more

14 - 15 June 10:00 Flowers R1150

This step by step approach to botanical painting i... more

14 June 10:00 Calligraphy R250

Andrew will introduce an art form he has pioneered... more

14 June 10:00 Decoupage R575

Following on from her popular 2018 mosaic workshop... more

14 June 15:00 Calligraphy R150

A fun workshop in which world-renowned beach calli... more

15 June 10:00 Painting R300

Alyson will demonstrate the use of the palette kni... more

15 June 10:00 Calligraphy R220

How would the Black Panther write? What if it were... more

15 June 10:00 - 13:00 Jewellery R400

Half day: morning Design and craft your own simple... more

15 June 10:00 - 13:00 Baking R350

Half day: morning Join Nicolene, an accomplished b... more

16 June 10:00 - 12:30 Perfume R775

Half day: morning This is repeat workshop: Blend y... more

17 June 10:00 - 13:00 Jewellery R350

Half day: morning A fun and informative workshop f... more